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Attention: Are you in Sales and/or Marketing? Are You Tired Of Working For Other People? Want to be in Business for yourself but not by yourself? Think about a business offering a Solutions for Referrals and Lead Generation using a follow up marketing system.


Develop Relationships with Follow-up Solutions!

To Influence The Next Sale

Discover How To Earn A Six-Figure Income
With A Proven Business That Can Be Run From
Your Home, Requires No Inventory, And Gives
You As Much As 75% Of Pure Cash Profit!

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you looking to purchase a business with a proven track record? Since 1985, CardSenders® has been helping hundreds of people build their own business with our Follow-up Marketing System and enjoy a flexible lifestyle while helping local companies attract more customers, generate new referrals, build stronger relations with current clients and enhance employee retention and loyalty and influence the next customer sale. And now we can help you.

Discover a Foolproof System to
Start Your Own Successful Business

If you are looking for a “get rich overnight” opportunity I can tell you right now – stop reading and move on – our business is not for you. But if you are willing to invest time, effort and a modest amount of money to build a real business that will take care of you for a lifetime – we can help you.

With our business you can...


Earn a great income with no limit to how much you can make,

• Take charge of your life and have the freedom to take vacations and spend time with friends and family when you want it!

• Work full-time or part-time, doing the work you love and designing a lifestyle that you desire.

We’ll provide you with a proven, turnkey, easy-to-follow system to help you build a business that you can run from an office in your home, with no employees, no boss, no inventory, no warehouse, or any other headaches or expenses associated with most conventional businesses. We have done it and we’ve successfully helped hundreds of others do it too.
All Business Opportunities Are Not The Same…
There Are Five Things That Make CardSenders® Follow-up Marketing System an Unique Opportunity!

1. Our program has longevity. People were making money using our business model and system way before the internet. You don’t need to be a “techie” to succeed. As a matter of fact it works best for “people who like people.”

2. This is not another Multilevel Marketing organization. This is a regular business with regular customers and a service that you can sell to almost all local businesses in your area.

3. Success is possible for anyone with our system. Although some sales, marketing or business background is helpful, if you are motivated and are willing to put forth the effort and are committed to follow the system we’ll teach you all the skills you need to build your direct mail Follow-up marketing business.

4. An unheard of 12 months of hands-on support. You will be working with a mentor to guide you through the process of starting and building your card sending business. You will get precise instructions what to do each step of the way, including exactly where to find your first clients, how to approach them, how to price your services and precisely how to convert the leads you generate into sales.

5. You’ll have access to a community of business owners just like you. Participate in occasional live training sessions on topics of sales, marketing, and business management. At any time ask people with years of experience to support you with your challenges, provide additional resources.

Starting A Business Doesn't’t Have To Be Hard!
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Can Start Profiting From Your Own Business

If CardSenders® Marketing System sounds like what you are looking for, then I suggest you take the next step and request our RISK FREE Information Kit Now.

Look, if you are skeptical right now, that’s quite normal.
Frankly I would be too. The internet is littered with get-rich-quick scams. That’s why we want you to have a chance to evaluate our system fully. Get answers to all your questions and then make an educated decision if our business is for you.
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